A little while ago we reported on an increase in telephone scams, unfortunately over the last few weeks we have seem an increase in another.

This is a very convincing pop up purportedly from Windows Defender, it tells you that you have a virus, you shouldn’t turn off your computer and you need to call a number to have it fixed.

This is 100% not true, Windows Defender will tell you that you have a virus but will never give you a number to call to fix it.

In the best case they will try and gain control of your computer to charge you an extortionate amount for a basic anti-virus program, in the worst they will drop viruses on to your computer or, as in the case of the computer I am currently working on, entirely break it so it no longer boots.

No antivirus program will ever give you a number to call, they are designed to clean viruses for you, BT, Microsoft, Talk Talk or others will never call you up to fix your computer, if in doubt call a local repair company first for advice.

We see and hear from people every week at the moment who have been caught by this scan so spread the word . . .