Backup & Data Recovery The part of a computer that holds your important data (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) is the hard drive, at Truro Computers the most common repair we do by far is replacing failed hard drives. Most people we speak to don’t realise that this is inevitable, a hard drive is a mechanical

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Desktops PC Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Servicing Truro Computer Services offer a complete solution for Computer Repairs, Ranging from All types of hardware to software repair solutions. Computer Repair, Mac Repair, Server Repair, Networking and Network Support. Computer Upgrades such as Processors, Motherboards and Memory all in stock. Both business and home users receive a

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Laptops Laptop Servicing and Repair / Repairs Our Laptop Repair / Notebook repair services include: USB Ports Repair or Replacement DC Socket ( DC jack ) Repair Motherboard Repairs and Replacement CPU – Processor Replacement – Repair – Upgrade Memory Upgrades – Repairs – Replacement Water / Liquid Damage – Spillage – Ingress AC Adaptor

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At Truro Computers we build bespoke gaming PCs to meet any spec or budget, we also stock off the shelf part refurbished units, contact our gaming experts for bespoke builds or watch our Facebook page for details of part refurbished systems we have available. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]      


CCTV Truro Computer Services provide IP CCTV systems for homes and businesses, from a simple camera to watch your car to full multi camera systems to watch over your home or business*. Our most popular system (Ubiquiti) can be seen working in our shop on River Street, Ubiquiti cameras and be used inside or out,

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Cables, adaptors and accessories At Truro Computers we carry a range of cables, adaptors and accessories, those we do not keep in stock we can generally get the next day. Ethernet Network Cables HDMI cables Display Port Cables VGA Cables DVI Cables HDMI to VGA VGA to HDMI Display port to HDMI Mini HDMI Mini Display

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