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EVGA RTX 3060 Available Now – Very Limited Stock

EVGA RTX 3060 Graphics Card Available Now
Very Limited Stock


£549 inc VAT

Due to Covid Restrictions on retail (we are currently open for repair only), this can be delivered or fitted.

We Are Open As Usual For Repairs.

As per government guidance we are open as usual, Monday to Saturday, 9 to 5, for WORKSHOP REPAIRS ONLY, sorry no sales, retail or home / business visits. DHL drop off and collection also available.

We are open for essential repair of desktops, laptops, Macs and other devices required for work, schooling, shopping etc. You should only visit the shop to drop off or collect a device, all other enquiries should be made by phone or email.

Customers are required to wear a mask to enter the shop to drop off and collect devices (unless there is a genuine medical exemption), you should maintain social distancing and use the hand sanitizer provided. A retail premises is private property with the right to refuse entry, those who choose not to follow the current government guidelines will be refused service.

We are Open !

Following the completion of our Covid compliance refit we are now fully open for business for essential desktop, laptop, iMac and MacBook repairs, plus DHL parcel services.

We will be open our usual times, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

Customers should enter via the front door on the crossroads, formally the AARC entrance, I’m sure many will be delighted to see the back of our staircase!

We have capacity to see one customer at the counter with two queuing, two meters apart on the right hand side, please leave the left clear for customers to exit, it’s rare to have more than three customers at one time but if we are full please either wait outside or come back later.

We cannot provide any over the counter diagnostics or quick fixes, all devices must be booked in and left for repair.

For the time being (until at least June) we will not be stocking the shelves in the retail area but do keep a stock of parts, cables, etc. in the workshop so please ask if you need anything.

Following an extensive refit and remodel to ensure the safety of staff and customers and to allow for social distancing Truro Computer Services will be reopening its doors as normal (ish) on Monday morning.

We will be able to provide a full walk in service for all essential computer repairs, we may be able to provide more extensive services, such as sales, parts and upgrades, but that will depend very much on what the PM has to say on Sunday, we’ll keep you posted!

Our retail and workshop areas have been split between floors and customers should now come in downstairs where adequate space has been created for social distancing. We will only be able to see one customer at a time at the counter and will not be able to provide any over the counter diagnostics or quick fixes, all devices will need to be left for repair.

Custom and Gaming PCs Ready For XMAS !!

Sorry for using the C word so early but Christmas is just around the corner!

If you are thinking about a new Custom PC for Christmas it’s time to start thinking about getting your order in, as well as providing every day PCs and laptops Truro Computer Services specialise in building custom and gaming PCs to suit a customers requirements and budget.

Visit our Custom PC and Gaming page for more information and to see our current stock of ready built gaming desktops.


Backup & Data Recovery

The part of a computer that holds your important data (pictures, videos, documents, etc.) is the hard drive, at Truro Computers the most common repair we do by far is replacing failed hard drives. Most people we speak to don’t realise that this is inevitable, a hard drive is a mechanical box with moving parts and motors and all will ultimately wear out and fail. Only 90% of hard drives last three years, meaning 1 in 10 will fail in this time, and only 80% of hard drives will last four years, most scary of all, a staggering 5% of all hard drives, or 1 in 20, fail in the first year due to manufacturing defects or external influences such as drops and knocks.

A hard drive failure can be immediate but more usually is progressive, often with the computer getting progressively slower until it finally stops starting up, at this point we can often retrieve the data but it is not uncommon for the data to be unrecoverable at that point or for the drive to fail completely when trying to copy the data off.

At least once or twice a week we have the unfortunate task of telling someone that we can not recover their data onsite and the only option, if it is essential data, is to send the drive off for an expensive specialist recovery with our data recovery partners.

The vast majority of customers we see do not have any sort of backup, a backup is fairly simple to take, whether it is using Time Machine on a Mac, Windows Backup on Windows or simply copying your files to an external drive or the cloud, the costs involved compared to the costs of data recovery are low and most can be set up to happen automatically.

Truro Computers are often tasked with recovering data from external hard drives which have failed, where customers have copied data to them as a ‘backup’ but then deleted the originals off their computer, a backup is only a backup if it is a second copy, external hard drives fail just as often, or possibly more so than internal hard drives.

We have seen customers who have lost, or had to pay hundreds to recover, years of baby pictures and customers who have had to recover client files they are legally obligated to keep yet it’s so easy to avoid. If you don’t currently backup it’s something you should do without delay, if you need assistance please do get in touch, bear in mind, if you have anything at all on a computer that you don’t want to lose the computer it is on will ultimately fail and it could be tomorrow!

Data Recovery Services @ Truro Computer Services

If the worst has happened and you don’t have a backup we offer a full range of data recovery services, we have software and hardware onsite and can more often than not recover data from failed hard drives here relativity cheaply and quickly if we get them in time. If more advanced data recovery is required, needing clean rooms and specialist equipment, our data recovery partner Ontrack is the number one data recovery company in the world, they can recover data from the majority of failed hard drives with a higher success rate than most other companies.

If your drive needs to be sent away we will fully manage the repair from start to finish on your behalf and, as an authorised partner, can offer their services at a discounted capped rate from the recovery prices they normally charge to the general public.


Truro Computer Services – Severe Email Scam Warning

We have seen a huge increase this week in an email scam that is doing the rounds that can be particularly disconcerting.

Although the emails vary the main feature is that they say you have been hacked and contain a genuine password that you genuinely do, or have, used. They contain a threat to release personal or embarrassing details if you do not pay a ransom. This is particularly worrying and convincing as it contains a genuine password (or sometimes phone number)

Firstly and most importantly . . . YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HACKED

The scammers have got your email and password by hacking a third party website that you are registered with. To see if your details have been compromised in one of the many hacking incidents recently  you can enter your email address on this website

DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY – If you still use the password listed for any websites or log ins you should immediately change them and just delete the scam email you received, other than that you do not need to take any action as the email is 100% a scam.

Under no circumstances should you reply to the email or click any links as that simply verifies to the scammer that your details are correct.


Is your MacBook charger genuine and why does it matter?

At Truro Computer Services we have seen an increase in the number of fake MacBook chargers coming through supply, even through trusted distribution channels. They are generally near perfect replicas so how do you tell if they are genuine and why does it really matter? Here we will give you three quick and easy checks that can help identify a fake MacBook charger.

First off, why does it matter?

If your charger has a fake manufactures logo then it is 100% fake and that includes the CE mark. If the CE mark is fake then the charger has not been made to conform to, or indeed been tested to European safety standards. If you are lucky this could just mean you damage your Mac, if you are unlucky substandard wiring and components can lead to fire.

Our advice for Apple chargers is the same as all laptop manufactures, you are always better off buying genuine but if you don’t always buy a decent branded aftermarket charger from an established manufacturer such as Delta Electronics (who actually make Apples chargers), Hipro, Lavolta, etc., although they may not ‘look’ the part they have been produced to the correct European standards and are safe.

Never buy ‘Genuine’ chargers from eBay, Amazon, etc, that are suspiciously cheap or even just good value as they are almost always fake.

3 Tips on Spotting a fake MagSafe charger.

Tip 1 – Check the serial number.

If you still have the box check the serial number on the charger with the box it came in, often the fakes don’t match, genuine chargers will always match. The Serial number on the charger is under the plug socket connector.

Tip 2 – Is the charger earthed?

Genuine MagSafe chargers are earthed, fakes are often not. The slot where the plug slides onto the charger should have a metal contact that earths the charger, if it isn’t there it’s probably fake.

Tip 3 – How long does it take the charge light to come on?

With the MagSafe plugged in connect it to the Mac, it should take a second or two for the light on the MagSafe to come on, if it comes on immediately it’s probably a fake.





We are open as usual !

At Truro Computer Services we have started a long overdue face-lift; we’re fitting new windows, doors and frontage as well as a full internal refit.

We will be remaining open throughout as usual, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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