Laptop Servicing and Repair / Repairs

Our Laptop Repair / Notebook repair services include:

  • USB Ports Repair or Replacement
  • DC Socket ( DC jack ) Repair
  • Motherboard Repairs and Replacement
  • CPU – Processor Replacement – Repair – Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrades – Repairs – Replacement
  • Water / Liquid Damage – Spillage – Ingress
  • AC Adaptor Repair
  • Hard Drive Repairs, Upgrades and Recovery
  • Laptop CD/DVD Drive Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Replace Broken Hinges
  • Batteries
  • Replace Cracked / Worn Plastics
  • Floppy Drive Replacement
  • LCD Laptop Inverter Replacement
  • LCD Backlight Replacement (Dim Display)
  • LCD Screen Repair / Replacement
  • Laptop Heatsink Cleaning
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 Reinstalls and repairs
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • General Cleanups

Optimisation and Clean-up

Over time the operating system of even the best looked after laptop can slow down.  There are a number of factors that cause this from Bits of old uninstalled programs being left in the system, poorly installed updates and just general usage on the internet.

Truro Computer Services have years of experience to call on when it comes to cleaning up and optimising Windows (both XP and Vista).  We can clean up the registry of all the stray and old data, reorganise your hard drive and recommend any actions that could be taken to ensure you have a quick and efficient laptop again.

Reinstallation or Operating System Upgrades/Downgrades

95% of laptops today are installed with Windows Vista. In normal circumstances, you have no choice about this.  Most mainstream laptop manufacturers install Vista in its standard form, which is large, often slow and contains far more programs and services than you will ever need. Truro Computer Services are experienced at optimising Vista to be far more efficient on your laptop, using less RAM and being able to start up and operate more quickly.

We recognise that in a lot of cases you don’t want to learn a new operating system, don’t like the way Vista works or just want to go back to what you know. Truro Computer Services can easily replace your Vista Operating System with Windows XP Home, Professional or Media Centre. We will install all the drivers and updates for you, set up other software as required (you will need to provide the disks for these) and return the laptop to you with your chosen Operating System, working efficiently and stably.

Prices start from £70 (inc VAT)

LCD Screen & Inverter Replacement

At Truro Computer Services we can replace your cracked, smashed, damaged LCD notebook screen.

If your screen: 
Is cracked you will need it replaced
Has failed not all faults are with the screen itself, it could be a backlight issue, inverter problem or graphics card fault

We can diagnose the problem correctly saving you money.

Guide prices inc parts

  • Inverter Replacement From £35
  • LCD Screens From £80
  • Graphics Card (This could be the motherboard)

Common Screen Faults

  • Pink hue tint = backlight faulty
  • Dim dispaly or Dark Screen = backlight or inverter faulty
  • No display = LCD cable, graphics card or motherboard problem
  • Lines on screen = Cable or LCD screen faulty
  • Washed out, fuzzy, Green screen = Cable or LCD Screen faulty

Truro Computer Services are happy to provide insurance quotations or carry out work for insurance companies.

DC Socket Repairs

If you have the following problems with your laptop it is most likely to be the DC Jack (Power Socket)

  • Screen Flickering from Light to Dim Loose DC Jack
  • Your Laptop Battery will not charge
  • Changes from AC Power to Battery Often
  • Laptop does not turn on (No power)