Current Gaming Computer Stock

Below is our current gaming computer stock, although we update the page regularly it may take a day or two for sold items to be removed so we can’t guarantee stock availability so please do call us to confirm if there is something of interest.

Custom Part Refurb Quiet Gaming PC

This is a plain black, windowless, part refurb unit in a sound insulated case for noise and LED free gaming !

  • Part Refurb Unit
  • Gamemax Silent Case
  • Intel Core i5 6500
  • 16GB  DDR4 RAM
  • 240GB M.2 Solid State System Drive
  • 2TB Data Hard Drive
  • AMD Vega 56 8GB Graphics Card
  • Windows 10 Home

Above spec is £649, the SSD, hard drive, graphics card and RAM could be upgraded if required.

Custom HP Pavilion Desktop

This entry level gaming system is based on an off the shelf HP Desktop which has been upgraded to a spec suitable for basic to moderate gaming. It has no frills or lights but will happily play Fortnite at 70fps on high settings or over 100fps on medium.

  • New Unit
  • Ryzen 3
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 120GB NVME M.2 Solid State System Drive
  • 1TB Data Hard Drive
  • nVidia GTX 1650 Graphics Card
  • Built in WiFi
  • Windows 10 Home

Prices start from £549 for the above spec, the SSD, hard drive and RAM can be upgraded if required.