Avoid Fraud Online

At Truro Computers we have seen a massive increase in telephone fraud over the last year, the scam is simple, a caller phones up purporting to be from Microsoft, BT, TalkTalk or similar, they will typically claim to have detected an issue with your computer or a virus and tell you they need access to your computer to fix it. If you are lucky they will just vastly overcharge you for anti-virus, in other cases we have seen viruses installed and even user’s data completely deleted or computers completely locked out!

To many this fraud is obvious, to those who are less experienced with computers and do not necessarily know what is and isn’t possible the calls can be very convincing and threatening!

At Truro Computers we are now receiving calls and visits from people who have been a victim of this scam literally every day, often (but not always) from the older generation who haven’t grown up in the digital world!

Obviously for us cleaning up the computers is work, but it is work we would rather not do! These scammers are just working through every phone number so if you have friends or relatives you think may fall victim to this scam, even if it’s just an inkling, it’s worth the conversation . . . .

  • No one can detect issues with your computer over the Internet, if they say they have they are lying.
  • Never let anyone remotely access your computer that you haven’t specifically called yourself for help.
  • If in any doubt put the phone down!

Please spread the word and help bring this scourge to an end!